Thursday, 1 April 2010

2010 Reading List - Quarter 1 Update

This is just a quick summary of my progress towards one of my Arbitrary Dividing Point In Time Resolutions. Some of you may have noticed the 2010 Reading List in the sidebar of the blog, i'm using this to keep track of what I have been reading each week.

I haven't been quite as consistent in this resolution as i would have liked, a couple of times i was more than a week ahead and at least once i was a couple of weeks behind. Though overall i have averaged a book a week this quarter. Why quarterly updates? Well monthly seems like too frequent, at most there would be 4 or 5 books and it would be quite likely I would be ahead or behind where i should be. Also around the middle of March I was looking at my reading so far this year and i noticed a pattern in what i was reading. 

In the first quarter of the year, most of the books i was reading were inspirational for what i want to achieve in business. Some books were successful at inspiring me; The War Of Art, The Art Of The Start and Rework. Some ended up being downright depressing (The Management Myth) but all were interesting. After i noticed this pattern i decided to to finish the quarter with the book that originally inspired my interest in business improvement; Maverick. While i now know a lot more about manufacturing and business, it is still as relevant and inspirational as it was 5 years ago.

I have decided that the theme for my next reading (though it might not last a whole quarter) is going to be; influencing, marketing and sales. It fits in with what i need to do with my business and is an area that i am currently not very well versed in. I will continue to update the reading list in the sidebar and am considering doing a summary of each book as i go. 

Overall i could have read more, but i'm happy that i managed to squeeze in a bonus book this quarter, as my fiction/non-fiction ratio was getting a little skewed. 

Other Arbitrary Dividing Point updates:
1. Business - No progress other than starting company.
2. Business - No progress other than starting company. 
3. Travel - No progress, but expected it to be back-weighted in the year. 
4. Reading - See Post Above.
5. Writing - Missed quite a few days when i got back from Australia, but managed every day in March.
6. Watching - I have cut down my TV viewing a lot, but still watching 2 or 3 shows every day. This should come down over the summer.
7. Blog At Least Once A Week - Although not originally on the list, in light of the Blog Duel it seems logical to include it. I've had a few crap cop-out/short posts, but also had a pretty epic series too. I'm aiming to be more regular, more consistent and better crafted going forward. 

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