Friday, 1 January 2010

Arbitrary Dividing Point in Time Resolutions

Here are my Arbitrary Dividing Point in Time Resolutions for the year:
  1. Develop a business that makes £2000/month after tax.
  2. Develop a business that is location independent.
  3. Visit at least 4 new countries.
  4. Read 1 book per week.
  5. Write 1 Moleskine page per day.
  6. Watch a maximum of 1 TV episode per day.
The first three are longer term goals that will need to be broken down into smaller segments. The latter three are ones that i can track on an ongoing basis.

The main reason for posting these online is so that i am accountable, i.e. If you notice i am not following through on them, please kick my ass!


  1. What countries do you have in mind? Where have you already been? I don't think I know all the places exactly!

    What is a moleskin?

    I need to introduce you to my favourite author!!

  2. Sorry hadn't realised there was a comment, stupid blogger didn't notify me. I wonder how many other comments i have rudely ignored because i haven't noticed.

    For the countries i'm probably going to be a bit boring: Ireland, Norway, Holland and Switzerland. It is part of my; '30 Countries by the time i turn 30' plan. It will leave me 8 countries to do the following year, but hopefully by then I should have a bit more time and money.

    Already been to; UK (L), Denmark, France (5), Germany (3), Spain (3), Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Singapore, USA (5), Canada (5), Australia (L), China and Iceland.

    A Moleskine is the little black book i'm always writing in at Mash. I figured it was fun in Mash, so i should do it more often, reflect on the day and if i have any random thoughts etc.

    You really must, i'm aiming for about a 3 to 1 ratio of non-fiction to fiction. At the moment i have 16 unread non-fiction books and only one unread fiction book.