Sunday, 31 January 2010

Books Vs E-Readers - Introduction

I read ... a lot.

With the advent of the Kindle and more recently the iPad (i still maintain it is a stupid name), i have increasingly been thinking about e-books. My first reaction was; 'great an iPod for my books'. Then i started to get nostalgic about having physical books on a shelf and worried about never really owning electronic products. Most recently i have felt guilty for not embracing the change and moving with the times. Today i realised that i still really don't know where i stand on the subject. 

So in an effort to try to work out what to do - buy books or buy e-books - i will write a series of blog posts on the subject. At this stage i plan to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, about the following topics; Firstly The Benefits of E-Readers because they could be very useful. Secondly My Reservations About E-Readers because there are some serious issues with them. Thirdly i will post about Why E-Books Are Not The Same As MP3s because while it seems like a straight forward comparison, it really isn't. Finally i will post some Conclusions about where i stand on e-readers. Though the posts may well expand into next week if i think of any more topics.

I'm sure i will find this useful for working through my own thoughts and hopefully it will be useful to anyone else reading the posts who loves books.

Books Vs E-Readers Series
1 - Introduction

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