Thursday, 25 March 2010

(un)Employed For 3 Months

Well i have now been - while technically not unemployed - not working for 3 months.

It hasn't felt like a holiday, it hasn't felt like work, it has just seemed empty. I haven't accomplished a lot and despite having nothing major to do i haven't breezed through nearly as many books as you might expect.

Upsides: I have cultivated quite a healthy beard and a hermit-like lifestyle.

Downsides: I haven't really made any progress towards making money or working out what to do.

Part of me thinks this is a bad thing, i could have been working and earning and suchlike for 3 months. Heck even if i hadn't been doing anything financially beneficial i could have been doing something more traditionally 'constructive'. On the other hand i have spent a lot of time thinking about some important issues that would have come up sooner or later (a future post perhaps), so the time hasn't been totally wasted.


  1. Sadly the beard isn't really epic. By healthy i meant reasonably long and no split ends ;-) Will be sure to take a picture before i trim it though.