Friday, 12 March 2010

We're On A Break

Me and veganism that is.

I've been fully vegan for the last 6 weeks but i'm taking a break this weekend because i have been really craving pizza and beer. Ok i know it's bad for me, i know i shouldn't but damnit i want pizza and beer.

Monday will see reveganisation for at least another 6 weeks.


  1. This is my favourite post of yours so far. I got to find out something about you. Well done with turning vegan! It's not an easy lifestyle. Enjoy your pizza and beer.

  2. I was actually totally vegan for 9 months before i moved to Australia. I also didn't; eat wheat (it made me sleepy), use caffeine (no tea, coffee or soft drinks) or drink alcohol (seemed healthier). The reason for starting was that i felt tired all the time, a few sources suggested being vegan would help and i'm an all or nothing kinda guy. I felt mentally sharper, less tired (while needing less sleep) and i had way more energy, which was all pretty useful.

    Unfortunately not eating meat or drinking alcohol (and to a lesser extent wheat and caffeine) is rather incompatible with Australian culture, so i gave it up when i moved.

    Since i came back it seemed like a good idea again, so i started back up. I must admit, i haven't noticed the benefits as much this time, but i have been slightly less strict (allowing caffeine and wine) so might need to make some tweaks. Not to pass the buck, but i think the reason i have taken a break this weekend is that i have been living with my parents, which means both constant temptation and less routine. Prior to moving to Australia i lived alone, so it was pretty easy to avoid temptation and get into a routine.

    PS I really did enjoy my pizza and beer :-)

  3. Hahaha so basically everytime you came into Mash you did everything opposite to your former vegan diet! Pizza, Turkish bread or steak sandwiches; lots of beer and redbull.

    I am still having trouble getting back into meat after my 10 day vego binge that felt like 10 years. I'm just not craving a steak like I used to...which sucks because I used to love my steak!

  4. Yup, pretty much. Though if i hadn't gone completely away from eating healthily i prolly wouldn't have met anyone in bunno ;-)

    I must admit i'm haven't been hugely missing meat (only had some on pizza and some pastrami) but cheese, baked products and beer have been awesome :-) Actually thinking about it, what i've really missed is combinations of meat, wheat and dairy; pizza, cheese burgers, sandwiches etc. It has been a nice change but looking forward to fruit and veggies again tomorrow.