Tuesday, 16 March 2010

If Only Publishers Would Listen

The Future of Publishing:

I must admit i was never a huge fan of the original Palindrome For A Lost Generation it all seemed a little trite and obvious, though that is not to say that the above isn't too. I guess the difference is that the original was preaching to the converted, you would be hard pressed to find a member of Generation Y who didn't agree with it. On the other hand the above video is preaching a message to the publishing industry that they don't want to hear, but if they don't hear it they will end up with the future they fear.

Heck, maybe i just like it because i also don't care what Lady Gaga is wearing.


  1. At first I hated it because that chick accent grates on my nerves and what she was saying was pissing me off...but then it reversed it and liked it!

    Her accent is still annoying though.... ;)

  2. Yeh i'm not a big fan of the posh english accent either, but the message is right. If you assume all of your customers are stupid, vapid and have short attention spans, then that is what you will get.