Friday, 5 March 2010

(un)Structured Writing

Even after last weeks Cop Out, i still haven't managed to finish my next installment of Bloggers Vs Journalists. At first i couldn't understand it, for two or three weeks at the start of February i was knocking out three or more posts a week, now i am struggling to finish one. I think i have finally worked out what my problem is; a lack of planned structure.

Most of my previous posts on this blog have been reasonably short, so it has been easy to keep all of the key points and an overall structure in my head. The notable exception to this trend was my Books Vs E-Readers series, there was an overall arc and the posts were fairly long. What made that series easier to write without a planned structure, was that each post was relatively discreet and was purely my personal opinions on the topic.

However Bloggers Vs Journalists is a much more complicated proposition, the posts will be long, highly interlinked and trying to build up a single solid argument. So far i have been trying to write this from some rough notes of key points, but i keep getting bogged down with new ideas and trying to work out where they fit within the wider scheme of things. What is lacking is a planned structure; what do i want to say, when do i want to say it and how does that build into a cohesive whole. 

Obvious i know, but i need to prepare a plan to structure the writing and store ideas. I'm not really sure of the best way to go about this, i have previous used outlines and mind maps, any other thoughts?

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