Saturday, 30 January 2010


Since i got home from Australia i have experienced some slippage in my Arbitrary Dividing Point In Time Resolutions, slippage of course being management speak for totally screwing up.

While i technically posted in time on the blog last week, it was a particularly poor effort. A top 5 list isn't really a proper post, it took next to no time and is somewhat against the spirit of the challenge. So going forward i need to make more of an effort to do real posts.

I have also let my reading slip rather badly too. By reading The War Of Art in an afternoon, i got 1 week ahead on my reading. I did start The (mis)behaviour Of Markets, however i have not made any progress on it since the flight last week. So going forward i need to stop watching junk on TV (yes actual junk, on an actual TV :-O) and start reading every night.

Finally i have badly failed on writing in my Moleskine. Again i was sticking to the resolution well until i moved home and since then i have only written one page while at a lecture. Part of this was lacking a pen (lame excuse i know), part was being lazy and mostly it was a change in routine. So going forward i need to make writing in my Moleskine part of my new routine.

So now that i have identified the fact i have been failing on these less than a month in, i really need to do something about it. Previously i would have accepted the failure, ignored what i had committed to doing and moved on. This time, i am going to recommit to these resolutions and work them into my new daily routine from Monday.

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