Thursday, 7 January 2010

7 Reasons Today Was A Good Day

1. Productivity
Again I managed to do all of the things on my list of things to do.

2. Letting Agent
Met with my letting agent about leaving, she seemed cool with everything and I think it will be easier because I met with her.

3. Tax
By sheer luck leaving work when I did, has dropped me into a lower tax bracket, so I should be getting A LOT of money back from them.

4. Sleep
Despite yet again getting <6 hours sleep, i feel fantastic, much less tired than ususal, dunno why.

5. Business
I found out when and where I can get some free business startup training when I get home. Even better the timing of the training means I can get started really quickly.

6. Books
My 10 copies of the Revised and Updated version of The 4 Hour Work Week arrived, now I just have to give them away. Anyone want one?

7. Serendipity
No, not the fairly rubbish John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale film, but the literal meaning of the word; "The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate".
As you probably know, I am flying back to the UK in just over a weeks time. I was offered a lift up to Perth from a colleague the Saturday before I leave, so I figured I might as well spend the weekend in Perth. Today I decided I would look for a hotel in the CBD, I was looking for something nice but not excessive, alas there were too many options. So I e-mailed my colleague to see if he had any recommendations, he suggested I check out the 'mystery hotel' listings on I figured, given that the issue was too many options, taking a punt on getting a random hotel at a good price was worth a try. I narrowed my search down to the Perth CBD and there were 3 'mystery hotel' listings. They were all around the same price so I picked one at random, once the booking was confirmed I found out that it was the Novotel.
The reason this is serendipitous is because it was the hotel I stayed in on my first night in Australia. Furthermore it had been my first choice, but I had ruled it out because it was too expensive! Its funny how these things happen :-)

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  1. Awesome man! Good to hear that you are getting everything planned and sorted! I'm also happy to hear that everything is lining up for you!
    You're right: It IS funny how these things happen! ;-)