Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Missed Post

Well somehow i managed it, only 10 posts in to my 18 Days of Blogging and i managed to miss a post already.

Lessons from this:
1) Daily routine is best for building habits - I've been pretty good at writing in my Molie every day, but i think taking the weekends off from posting in this blog breaks the habit too much. I guess my issue with posting every day is that i end up with a lot of crap (see most of the last 10 posts) but without the daily routine i fail miserably (see the last 5 months). Perhaps as a resolution next year i might try to write for an hour every day and use that time to build up to a decent weekly blog post.
2) Going to bed too early wrecks my routine - There is a high correlation between going to bed too early and breaking routine. Missed Molie entries and blog posts are almost always on nights i go to bed before 9am.

Other than that i guess i'll have to post on saturday to make up for yesterdays lapse.

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