Friday, 26 November 2010

18 Days Of Blogging

By the end of November i will be 18 blog posts behind in the Blog Duel...

Frankly this is a rather poor show given my lack of other commitments and the relative ease of the challenge. Even more embarrassing is that i managed to post on a near daily basis for 5 months on my older blog (Late Feb to Late July 2007) and yet this year i couldn't even manage weekly. Sure i managed to write a couple of decent posts - by my standards at least - but that wasn't the challenge. So in an effort to kind of meet my seventh arbitrary dividing point in time resolution, i need to make 18 blog posts before the end of the year.

It just so happens that there are exactly 18 working days in December before Christmas, so instead of the 12 days of Christmas or an advent calendar, i will be closing out my year by catching up on my blogging.

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