Monday, 20 December 2010

Hardware is Hard ...

A little over a year ago i read about an awesome product called Wakemate, it monitors your sleep patterns and sends a signal to a mobile phone to wake you at the optimum time. I almost always wake up feeling groggy so it seemed like something i would find useful. At the time the release date was listed as January 2010 so i didn't pre-order one because i didn't know where i was going to be in January.

I didn't think much more about it until i got back to the uk and stumbled on a story that the release had been delayed until April, at which point i decided to put in a pre-order. At least two release dates have come and gone since then (late june, late september) and still no product. Each time there was an explanation; the IC they wanted to use was no longer available, design issues, manufacturing issues, certification issues etc etc. Well they are finally shipping - though not to international customers - almost a year late.

The title of the post is a classic technology aphorism, software isn't always - or even often - easy, but hardware is definitely hard.

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