Friday, 7 May 2010

Been Electioneering

Yesterday i posted this digram just before going to vote:
And i think it maybe it requires a little more explanation.

Firstly i do care about democracy, voting and the results of elections. What i find it hard to do is care about something which i have an incredibly limited ability to change. Maybe it is because i'm not involved in a political party. Maybe it is because in the UK there is so little relationship between the overall percentage of votes in the country and the actual power of the political parties. Maybe it's because national democracy is such a huge averaging of public opinion that it is hard for anything to stand out.

So what would make me care more about party politics?
If there was more polarisation between the parties and i found myself strongly agreeing or disagreeing with their policies. (e.g. it is easy to disagree with the BNP).
If politics was more meaningful on a smaller scale and my communities preferences were less likely to amount to nothing because of the preferences of other areas (e.g. if Scotland became independent).

Who knows, maybe being able to be apathetic about political parties indicates a positive convergence in politics and policies...

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