Saturday, 31 December 2011

Summary - 2011 Arbitrary Dividing Point In Time Resolutions

1. Mind - Learn Ruby On Rails Every Day – Failed after 86 days
Started off pretty well on this one, i put in just over 500 hours in 3 months but ultimately learning Ruby On Rails turned into learning; Ruby, Rails, Git, Linux, SQL, Agile and what felt like an ever expanding list of computer science theory. Also the project that spurred this goal fell through – the customer had zero interest in it – which just goes to show Agile is for every project, even non-commercial ones.

2. Body - Don't Drink Calories – Failed after 178 days
I probably could have kept this one up longer but around 6 months in i really missed beer and it didn't seem to be making much of a difference to anything else.

3. Spirit - Write 750 Words Every Day - Failed after 281 days
This one really should have gone the distance – even when i was in Glasgow for 6 weeks and had to go to coffee shops for internet access i kept it going – one day in October i just forgot and that was it, streak gone, game over. Also while it was initially positive, eventually the enforced daily introspection just ended up a circle of the same ideas which was really not positive.

I haven't thought about any resolutions for 2012 yet, so the dividing point in time will be even more arbitrary if i do decide on some.

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