Saturday, 13 February 2010

Shocking Book Piracy Exposed!

I am posting today, to tell you about an insidious and terrible threat to the publishing industry.

I was wrong in a previous post, when i said that book piracy was currently very low. It turns out that book pirates have been operating with impunity for decades, costing the publishing industry trillions of dollars in lost sales. These terrible crimes against intelectual property, are committed every day of the week around the world, often in full view of law enforcement and nothing is done. In plain sight, they offer people access to entertainment and information for free. No-one gets paid; not the publishers, not the distributors, not the authors - think of the poor starving authors. How can the publishing industry hope to survive in the face of such institutionalised theft?

Ladies and gentleman, who are these scurrilous villains, freely roaming the streets? I give you librarians!

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