Sunday, 27 September 2009

Top 5 Best Airports

1. Vancouver International (YVR)
Amazing architecturally, loads of awesome shops and the view from the flight in or out is breathtaking in all but the worst weather. The waiting areas are expansive and offer great views to the mountains, it also feels very relaxed compared to a lot of the american airports i have been to. The immigration hall could use some tweaking for when multiple flights land at the same time, but overall easily my favourite airport.

2. Hong Kong International (HKG)
Just pipped Shanghai to the number 2 position, due to slightly better restaurants and being able to get Twitter on the free wifi. There is an amazing selection of shops, it is about as compact as it could be, good selection of restaurants and best of all free wifi with full access. Not as architecturally impressive as Shanghai but very pleasant.

3. Shanghai Pudong International (PVD)
The only airport in the world where my luggage has beaten me to the reclaim carrousel and i wasn't slow off the plane either. The first thing that strikes you is the size both horizontally and vertically, it just seems to go on forever. It is very architecturally impressive too, i stopped at the top of the escalator from arrivals to stare at the ceiling. It has an ok selection of shops and restaurants and is very pleasant to be in. The only two complaints are: It is the opposite of compact; it is a serious hike between the domestic and international terminals and woe betide you if your gate is at the end of one of the stupendously long terminals. Secondly the internet is 'chinese filtered' so no Twitter, Blogger or for those of you who like it, Facebook.

4. Reykjavik International (REK)
I'll lead off by saying it isn't huge and the shops suck. What makes this airport are the views and the architecture. From the flight in or out and the terminal there are some amazing views. The building is almost exclusively made from laminated wood and it is not a small building so very impressive also. As long as you bring a book or an MP3 player if you have a long layover, its great.

5. Bristol International (BRS)
Easily my favourite small airport. It may be a bit of a pain to get to if you don't know the area, but it is compact, has some decent shops and is quick to get into and out from. There is also a good selection of domestic and an ok selection of international destinations. What more could you ask for?

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